PNW JET Alumni Have the “Write” Stuff!

Available NOW! –  Direct Translation Impossible: Tales from the Land of the Rising Sun

DTI - Frisk

Check out fellow PNW JETAA member Chad Frisk‘s new book, available now through Amazon (paperback & Kindle).  Chad shares his observations, adventures and insight gained from 5 years on the JET Program, as an ALT in Shizuoka.  Alumni will enjoy his stories, as they will no doubt bring back memories of our own JET adventures & aspiring JETs will hopefully be inspired to apply to the JET Program in the future!  You can follow Chad on Twitter @friskcr & he would love to hear from you!  – Congratulations Chad!   Word is that plans are in the works for another book!  PNWJETAA will keep you posted!

yurei - Zack D

‘Tis the season for ghosts & ghouls!  So who better among us to share tales from the “other side” than our very own Zack Davisson (ALT – Nara/Osaka)!  Translator & author of ghostly tales, his newly finished work Yurei: The Japanese Ghost is described by Chin Music Press (Publisher) as “the definitive work on the subject in English”.  Zack also appears in the new NAT-GEO (National Geographic) series “I Wouldn’t Go In There“, Episode 3: “Japan: Lost Souls of Okinawa”!  Yurei: The Japanese Ghost is set for release in 2015!   Other projects currently keeping Zack busy are: Wayward (Image Comics); Shigeru Mizuki’s “Showa 1944-1953: A History of Japan” (Drawn & Quarterly); Satoshi Kon’s “OPUS” (Dark Horse Comics) & Satoshi Kon and Momoru Oshii’s “Seraphim: 26661336 Wings” (Dark Horse Comics).  Follow Zack on Twitter @ZackDavisson!  Thanks for opening the doors to the fascinating world of yurei to a whole new audience!


FOJ’s also have great reads to share!

What is a FOJ?  “Friend of  PNW JETAA” of course!  These folks are connected to PNWJETAA either through business associations or direct support of PNWJETAA and share our enthusiasm for Japan.  So, we’d like to reciprocate and support them as well!

So here are two more books to add to your reading list:

        Michael Ramirez    lizard2

Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy by Yoshinori Henguchi and translated by FOJ – David Michael Ramirez  II, better known in the PNWJETAA circles as Mike Ramirez. Publisher Chin Music Press describes this book as a “collection of photography and bilingual poetry plunges booklovers into the backstreets and hipster bars of Osaka”, where “everyday objects—tools, flowers, escalators, tangles of thread—are elevated, parodied, and ultimately made new.”

SAVE THE DATE!!!!  Mike will be having a special book signing event this Saturday, November 1st  at the Downtown Seattle Kinokuniya Bookstore (map).  If you have time, please stop by and say “hi” and be sure to thank him for creating access to this poetic adventure in English!


ENFU: CUTE GRIT by FOJ Ken “ENFU” Taya, published by Chin Music Press

Enjoy the wonderful, colorful, whimsical world of ENFU.  This new book will feature a collection of some of Ken’s best works to date, which as described by Chin Music Press, “merges childlike imagination with serious exploration of Asian American identity”.  Special note of thanks to ENFU for your extremely generous donation to the 2014 JETAA National Conference in Seattle earlier this September!  Follow ENFU  on Twitter @enfu


Quick note about Chin Music Pressheader01

Founded in 2002 by our very own PNWJETAA member Bruce Rutledge and Yuko Enomoto, their original goal was to print “contemporary and edgy literature from Japan”.  Over the past decade the scope of works have expanded and the company continues to grow and branch out.  Please visit them online or say “hi” to Bruce at their mortar & brick showroom in the heart of the Pike Place Market (3rd level, #329)!  Special note of thanks to Chin Music Press for your generosity to PNWJETAA over the years and for helping so many people including JETAA members achieve their dreams!  Follow Chin Music Press on Twitter @chinmusicpress