Special Event at Kinokuniya Seattle: The World of Shigeru Mizuki – This Sat. Aug. 29!

Join PNWJETAA’s very own guru of Japanese ghosts & ghouls, Zack Davisson as he introduces the fascinating world of Shigeru Mizuki, creator of the lovable one-eyed monster Kitaro and author of the historical manga Showa: A History of Japan, a striking, illustrated account of Japan during the Showa era.  In addition to his personal enthusiasm for the fantastical world of the yokai created by Mizuki, Zack also possesses a unique perspective into the mind of this multi-talented mangaka, having translated his award-winning epic Showa.

Catch Zack this Saturday, August 29th at the Downtown Seattle Kinokuniya at 2 pm for his special presentation:

War and Yokai! The World of Shigeru Mizuki


                                                 Yurei - cover edited       Zack - Yurei

Zack’s long awaited book: Yūrei: The Japanese Ghost has finally been published and is now available through the publisher Chin Music Press (co-founded by fellow PNWJETAA member Bruce Rutledge) and at Kinokuniya. Follow Zack as he leads you through the world of the yūrei beginning with his own personal spooky encounter, and as best described in his own words, “I will take you on a guided tour of the yūrei, from where they live to why they look the way they do, the rules they must obey, as well as the culture and traditions behind them”. The picture above does not do justice to this beautifully bound book – you need to hold it in your own hands to fully appreciate how the image of the yūrei eerily fades and reappears depending on the angle that you hold it and how the light hits the cover – a perfect binding for what lies within!

Follow Zack on Twitter @ZackDavisson!  or visit his site: Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai