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From Hiroshima to Hope

If you don’t want to head over to Wann next week for the unofficial happy hour, you should check out the annual From Hiroshima to Hope event at Green Lake.  The event is a really beautiful way to remember those who were lost in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  There will be music, a …

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Unofficial August Happy Hour

Due to the staggering amount of events swirling around this week and next, and the fact that both Social Coordinators will be MIA, August 6th will be an unofficial happy hour! There will be no organized bill or people keeping track, so head there if you have a hankering for beer and delicious food; we’ll …

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RSVP – Japan Night at the Mariners

So last year, we had baseball caps for the first 1,000 people (or was that 5,000?); the rumor is that this year will be t-shirts. If you want a t-shirt (or, you know, watch the Mariners face off against the Athletics) RSVP to sit with PNWJETAA and our really awesome banner! (Jumbotron, here we come?) …

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Save the Date – Japan Mariners Night

The annual Japanese Mariner’s Night is coming up on August 9th (Monday). Tickets will be only $9 (view stands) and we’ll be sitting together as a group along with our PNWJETAA banner! And if we’re lucky, we’ll end up on the jumbo-tron like we did last year! Once we get payment information together, we’ll post …

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RSVP – Summer Picnic

  It’s blue skies, a bit of heat here and there, a few rays of sunshine (we’re doing pretty good this year!) and that means it’s Summer Picnic, one of the best events (in my oh-so-humble opinion) of the year. We had an amazing turnout in 2009 and considering the pretty fabulous weather we’re having …

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Bon Odori

It’s time to break out your yukata and get ready for beer, kakigori and, of course, dancing at the Bon Odori! This year the Bon Odori will be on Saturday, July 17th from 4:00-10:30pm and Sunday, July 18th from 3:00-8:30pm.  On Saturday we’ll be taking over part of the beer garden for JET alum, new JETs and any friends of …

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RSVP – July Happy Hour

I know, I know, you guys are drowning in all the RSVP posts – I’m kind of drowning myself! But SO MANY EVENTS! Isn’t that awesome??? Wann Izakaya happy hour is upon us again and guess what? It’s the last happy hour the new JETs will be able to attend before they JET off (heh …

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