ATTENTION: WE ARE VERY SORRY BUT THE SUMMER PICNIC SCHEDULED FOR THIS WEEKEND (August 18) AT GOLDEN GARDENS STATE PARK HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Not to worry though, we will be having another picnic type of get together by the end of the year, so please stay tuned for further information.


Pike’s Market 100 Year Celebration

One of our members, Kirsten Henning at Pyramid Communications, is helping organize the 100 Year Celebration of Pike’s Market that will go down this Friday, August 17 in Victor Steinbrueck Park just north of the market. Admission is free and the party starts at 6:30pm. If you are free, help support fellow JETs and have a good time doing it!

Pikes Market Party August 17

Seattle Bon-Odori This Weekend!

Come celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Seattle Bon-Odori with PNW JETAA. On July 21st and 22nd, there will be Taiko and martial arts performances, and Japanese music and dancing at the Seattle Budhist Temple. PNW JETAA will be gathering in the beer garden on Sunday at 5pm to enjoy the festivities. JETs and friends are welcome, just email Look for the group in red at the back of the temple.

SUIKA-WARI: It’s not a pinata, it’s a watermelon!!!


Some of you JETs may have been lucky enough to partake in this time honored Japanese tradition: Suika-wari. ????? Suika means ‘watermelon’, and wari means ‘to split’. It’s not smashing pumpkins, but close! Actually, I’ve only done suika-wari twice, and both times were over here in Seattle! Funny how that works.

So, suikawari is very similar to the Spanish tradition of pinata. You have one person who is blindfolded and given a stick. They are spun around, and people direct them towards the watermelon, which is sitting on a clean tablecloth on the ground. It’s different in that sense, since with a pinata you’re swinging in the air, whereas with suikawari, you slice down at it like a samurai! The blindfolded person has one stroke in order to split the watermelon. However, usually the stick is blunt, so it’s half splitting, half bludgeoning! It’s not pretty! Continue reading


Join us for a PNWJETAA Happy Hour at Wann Izakaya in Belltown, Downtown Seattle. Time TBD.



Come celebrate with PNWJETAA as we kick off the Aki Matsuri weekend in Bellevue. Join us for a Happy Hour at Yama Restaurant in Bellevue in the Bellevue Galleria location (Taphouse, Theater, Gene Juarez, Rock Bottom.) Time 5:30pm.


Tsukimi (Moon-Viewing)

Moon Viewing at the Seattle Japanese Garden
7 – 10 p.m., A magical night of entertainment in honor of the autumn moon. Admission $15.