Japan in the 2007 Rugby World Cup!

2007 Rugby World Cup As the sun sets on our summer, fans in Seattle are gearing up for the Mariners making the playoffs and spending their weekends watching Seahawks football! But fans across the WORLD are gearing up for the 2007 Rugby World Cup! Rugby is much more of a global sport than American football and having lived in Japan, you must know that rugby is a very popular sport in Japan too! Like most other professional sports in Japan, there is a league of teams all sponsored by companies and the players on those teams are also employees of the company. For the uninitiated PNWJETAA members, rugby is like American football, with huge, glaring differences being: you can only pass the ball behind you as you run up field and you score a “try” (touchdown) by crossing the goal line in football; and that even when someone is tackled, the ball is live. You can imagine how fun that must be at the bottom of the pile of bodies looking for the ball! Here

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