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This is your rockin’ treasurer again, using his influential powers for evil… Yes, my band THE LIQUID NOW are playing THE CROCODILE CAFE again, this time on spotlight Friday! Our band has had lots of changes, and I have three new guys I’m playing with. All of them are great musicians, and we have a new set of tunes, two of which have Japanese in them! I’m trying to incorporate more of my Japanese influences/culture into my music. One song is completely in Japanese. It’s called ‘Ikite iru kagiri’, which means ‘As long as I live’. If you’re interested, please go to and I have the song along with translated lyrics. (Translation at: ) The other song is a really rockin’ dancy tune called ‘Waitin’ for More: Motto Motto’. You gotta hear it! So come on out and let’s enjoy Seattle nightlife! Ikite iru kagiri tanoshimimashou!


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Let’s celebrate the cold, dark season ahead! My band, THE LIQUID NOW, are back in action, and playing THE CROCODILE CAFE on October 26th (Fri). It’s a whole new lineup, with Steve Holmes on lead guitar, Logan Bender on bass, and Mike Franklin on drums. We’ve only been together since September, but these guys are incredible, and have learned a whole set already! We will be playing many songs you’ve never heard before. I have two songs incorporating Japanese lyrics as well, so I’m representin’. Cum out and feel the noize!

It’s going to be a great lineup. Firstly, local group HARDISON will play, who have a nice melodic and atmospheric sound. We were asked originally to open for THE MACCABEES, who are a British band that’s been getting some good press. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their US tour. There may be a possible replacment third band. You can hear all of our music on MySpace, and more of THE LIQUID NOW on our band website. We are very excited to play on a Friday. Make sure you add yourself as a friend on myspace, and hope to see you there! Bring a friend! kite kudasai!

Also, if you come to the show, and get a flyer, I will personally send you a free mp3 of one of our great songs!!!!

Here are the SHOW details:

Event: THE LIQUID NOW with Hardison!

Date: October 26th, 2007 (Friday)

Time: Doors open 9pm, first band will probably play at 10pm. THE LIQUID NOW will probably play at 11pm for about 45 minutes.

Location: The Crocodile Cafe (Belltown, Seattle) (206) 441-5611

2200 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (corner of 2nd Ave. and Blanchard St.)

Tickets: $10 advance, date of show (hardison)


  1. The show rocked. Shun recruited some really top notch players. Their bassist played some amazing runs–and it’s just cool that his last name is Bender. Their drummer majored in percussion! The lead guitarist played all the way up(down?) the neck of his guitar to belted out some melodic riffs. I really like the new songs. The new look is cool, especially the band logo on the bass drum. The best part is we get to hear three times as much of Shun’s singing. See everybody at the next show!

  2. Thanks for coming out, everyone. Had a lot of friends come support us, and the feedback was all good. The new group of guys played well, and it was nice to showcase our new tunes. See you again!

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