It’s OFFICIAL – Seattle 2008!

This note was recently circulated on the national mailing list for all the JETAA chapters in the United States. This is the official announcement that PNWJETAA will be hosting the 2008 JETAA USA National Conference! Congratulations PNWJETAA!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Atlanta for hosting the JETAA National Conference 2007. As a chapter representative, I found the experience relevant and so inspiring.

JETAA is national. We are a national organization working to consolidate our local efforts so that we might promote a great common peaceful movement within the United States. I am proud of the work that we do. The work of host chapters makes it possible to hold everything together.

I am please to annouce that the selection process of the JETAA National Conference 2008 has ended. The Pacific Northwest – Chapter 11 has graciously agreed to host our chapters next year. Having received more than the minimum votes required, JETAA humbly accepts the proposal.

The overall theme of this conference will be building a national organizational structure with accountability. The Pacific Northwest chapter of the JET Alumni Association plans to use this conference to discuss and build the foundation to move us forward as a national alumni organization.

Thank you to everyone who took time from your busy schedules to support the voting process. It was great to hear from you. Until we all meet again, please continue to report all of your efforts to bridge the United States and Japan. It is amazing what we do…

Pacific Northwest – Chapter 11 will host the 2008 National Conference in Seattle.


Randall Crowder

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