2008 API Month Bowling Tournament, Skyway Park Bowl, May 31st, 2-5pm

kittyball1Caption: Hello Kitty Bowling Balls! So cute!

This is a great event that is also family friendly.PNWJETAA will be organizing teams. If you’d like to be on our team, please email pnwjetaa.social [at) hotmail.com. We will coordinate the teams and collect the $20 registration for the tournament. RSVP deadline is Friday, May 23rd. Since this is a community event, we have little flexibility on the deadline. RSVP deadline for all PNWJETAA participants is Friday, May 23rd.

***May 31st the Bunka Koryu Club will be holding its first fundraising event: The 2008 API Month Bowling Tournament. The tournament will be held from 2-5pm at Skyway Park Bowl and Casino. The $20 registration fee will cover three games, shoe rental, and entry into the tournament. The event is all ages, so bring the whole family. Teams are also more than welcome. The lanes will be made up of five individuals or teams depending on registration. Questions or concerns on the event itself, please contact us at janed@jcccw.org or paigew@jcccw.org (206) 568-7114.*** Otherwise, email pnwjetaa.social (at] hotmail.com with questions regarding PNWJETAA teams or participation.

Directions to Skyway Park: www . skywayparkbowl . com / spbccontacts . html

Hello Bowling!

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