2008 JETAA USA National Conference KICKS OFF!


The 2008 JETAA USA National Conference is here! PNWJETAA is excited to be the first JETAA USA chapter to host the conference twice and to host the largest conference to date! Stay tuned for more news and pictures throughout the course of the conference!

Special thanks to all our volunteers, who without their help, this conference wouldn’t have been possible! Thank you PNWJETAA and Portland JETAA!

2008 JETAA USA Conference Kicks Off!

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PRE-CONFERENCE: National Conference Planning Group

PRE-CONFERENCE: Welcome Bag Assembly Party

PRE-CONFERENCE: Assembling the Welcome Bags!

Assembling the Conference Books
PRE-CONFERENCE: Assembling the Conference Books!

Welcome to the 2008 JETAA USA National Conference!

us map
Our largest conference yet!

Wann Izakaya
ARRIVAL: Welcome Reception at Wann Izakaya





Chapter Introductions
DAY ONE: “New England? I prefer the Old England…” – Chapter Introductions by John

Requesting GIA
DAY ONE: Requesting GIA from CLAIR by Matt

DAY ONE: Paul Rucker, Assistant Vice President – Constituency Relations, from the University of Washington Alumni Association presents the conference Keynote Address

DAY ONE: Paul discusses the need for clearly defined goals (a.k.a. our “hedgehog principle“) for JETAA USA: recruitment, re-entry services, cultural ambassador, affinity with the JET Program

DAY ONE: Kyle Funakoshi, Senior Manager of Volunteer Programs and JETAA member, outlines the value proposition that JETAA creates for its members. How does your chapter stack up?

cr update
DAY ONE: JETAA USA Country Rep Update from Shannan and Shannon

official residence
DAY ONE: Reception hosted by the Consul General Namba

official residence2
DAY ONE: And yes, that is Stuart wearing a jacket and tie!

Canada CR update
DAY TWO: Update from our neighbo(u)rs to the north: Canada CR update from Sabine

DAY TWO: CMS System update from JETAAi Webmaster Paul Donovan


subchapter workshop report
DAY TWO: Report from the Subchapter Workshop from Roy

veteran workshop report
DAY TWO: Report from Veteran National Conference-goers with updates on national iniatives from Megan…

veteran workshop two
…and Warren.

clair dinner
DAY TWO: Dinner to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the JET Program hosted by CLAIR at Anthony’s on Shilshole Bay

clair dinner 2

ducks tour
In addition to the conference, delegates took advantage of the optional Ducks tour on both Thursday and Sunday with…

ducks tour 2
…Captain Whoo-ah (I think that’s his real name…)

ducks tour 3

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