Mariners Japan Night Photos and Recap!


Caption: JETAA Group Photo!

Last night was an amazing game! It was the Mariners of old I tell ya! Well, towards the end, anyway. The Minnesota Twins were killing us early on, shutting us out, and going up by 6. The only two Mariners I recall hitting anything were Johjima and Ichiro. The fans stayed cheerful however, getting one point in the 6th inning. Then in the 7th inning a miracle happened! Ibanez had a grand slam home run! It was…how shall I put it…badass! Then, we went on to score a total of 10 runs that inning. The final score was 11-6. Many fans left around the 6th inning, but it shows to go ya that you never know until the end with sports. We had a great JETAA turnout!


Caption: We weren’t really that high! (Notice the seagulls below us!)


Caption: The 250 million dollar man!


Caption: Ryan scarfs his Ivars clams AND garlic fries!


Caption: Former JET Gabriela and her friend Yumiko Kayukawa. Yumiko is a VERY successful artist. Here’s her website! It’s very cool.


Caption:I dunno. I think AnPanMan is kind of freaky.


Caption: Ah…Safeco Field on a warm summer night…


Caption: Gettin’ excited after the grandslam homerun by Ibanez!


Caption: 9 to 6 in the 7th inning and Ichiro is up! He would eventually get on base and score.


Caption: They gave us free Japan Night hats! Rally cap time!


Caption: Ichiro is up to hit. He eventually gets on base and scores. Final was 11 – 6.

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