Reception for Japanese Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide


Wednesday night, September 17th , I was invited to the official residence of the Japanese Consulate General as a JETAA rep because they had a special guest! It was Akihiko Hoshide, a Japanese astronaut who recently came back from a mission to the International Space Station up there! Here’s his bio. It was really amazing to hear his story, and see footage of his expedition, all narrated by him. Mr. Hoshide lived in the US as a child, and maintained his English, so he was very fluent and entertaining. Incredibly, his last name, Hoshi-de (??), actually means to ‘go to the stars’! I got to talk to him. He was a really nice guy, and he still believes there are aliens out there! 🙂 It really inspired me to learn more about space. – Shun


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