Imonikai Pictures Oct.4th 2008


Hi Everbody,

Here are the pictures from this year’s Imonikai, hosted at Ian’s cabin on Crystal Mountain named ‘Skal’. This year, it was wet and dreary that day, but it made the imoni all the more comforting and delicious. Huddling in the cabin made for lots of conversation and reminiscing of Japan. We made a tent shelter right outside the cabin where the imoni was made. My wife helped with the seasoning, and it was done in no time. Really delicious, with lots of beef, satoimo potatoes, konyaku, green onions, and a few other ingredients. We also made onigiri to accompany the delicious soup. Enjoy the pictures! – Shun


dscf2756.jpg dscf2757.jpg dscf2758.jpg

dscf2759.jpg dscf2760.jpg dscf2761.jpg

dscf2766.jpg dscf2768.jpg dscf2769.jpg

dscf2772.jpg dscf2782.jpg dscf2784.jpg

dscf2792.jpg dscf2800.jpg

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