Career Day Wrap-up (Notes, Info)


Career Day was a very successful event, bringing in many motivated participants, solid speakers, and even vendors from several companies. Many people stayed until the end, and went afterwards for drinks and comradery. The content of the speeches was very helpful, and it covered a broad range of topics. As promised, we have the notes to the speeches, as well as resources to the information given! Thanks again to Steven Pascal-Joiner of , and Rob Uy from Microsoft HR, and the panel speakers for their respective insights. They were: Amy Fenning , Amanda Wolfman , Keith Nitta , David Sandler , Megan Bernard , Rob Uy , Matt Austin , Steven Pascal-Joiner. Thanks to Ben for moderating the discussion.

Here are the links:

Rob Uy Speech Notes

Steven Pascal Joiner Speech Notes Presentation by Steven (PDF of E-book, and links to different topics covered by Steven)

Panel Speaker Notes


Rob Uy doing his thang.

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Pictures: Lynn and Yamauchi-san, John Charlton, Attendees.

2 thoughts on “Career Day Wrap-up (Notes, Info)

  1. Thanks for posting the follow up to this year’s Career Day. It was a great event and a lot of great information was shared. I am glad that we were able to capture that in the notes this year.

    Keep an eye on the site’s new Career Day page for archived information on past Career Day events and information for 2009!


  2. Thanks again for not only the follow-up, but to everyone invovled with putting on the event! It was definitely worthwhile and I’m super happy I was able to attend.

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