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PNWJETAA puts together an annual newsletter that we distribute to all members through the mail and on this site. We are looking for content! If you have any stories from your time in Japan on JET, interested in the Pacific Northwest, or random thoughts in general – we want to hear from you! Seriously, anything. Movie reviews. Cool restaurants you want to tell us about. Top 10 lists. Need gadgets JETAA members need to buy. Embarrassing moments in the classroom. Pictures (we love pictures) Events coming up in 2009… tell us all about it! vegas casino

The deadline for submissions is January 23rd. Please email your submissions to pnwjetaa.president [at] yahoo [dot] com We will credit your submission in the newsletter.



Here’s another opportunity from CLAIR Tokyo. CLAIR will be putting together JETSTREAMS, the annual newsletter that is published here at CLAIR for JET Alumni, in a few months and would appreciate any articles that youoffer. Topics can be about things such as your life after JET, reminiscing about your time on JET, connections with the Japanese community in your home country, etc. Please avoid articles advertising your current company or books you have written, etc. as we cannot publish these. Please contact Sacha Battrick for more information.

Sacha Battrick
Programme Coordinator
JET Programme Management Department
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
TEL: 03-5213-1727
E-mail: jet-aa [at] clair. or.jp
URL: http://www.clair. or.jp



Also, keep an eye on JETWIT.com. This new site run by Steven Horowitz in New York (former JETAA NY Newsletter person) was established for JETAA members in the freelance and professional interpreters and translator community. There is tons of great information on there.

JETWIT.com is a great place for…

  • JET ALUMS: To publish and promote their writings, translations and other creations and/or to have opportunities in general to stay connected with the JET alumni community
  • JOB SEEKERS: To find jobs and post their professional profiles
  • EMPLOYERS: To post job listings and find JET alum professionals with a range of skills
  • JETAA CHAPTERS: To find information and articles to share with their members.
  • CURRENT JETS: To find jobs and learn what some people do after JET

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