2009 PNWJETAA Shinnenkai: Wrap-Up

Thank you all so much for taking the time to come to the 2009 PNWJETAA Shinnenkai. Many thanks also go to the wonderful presenters and organizers for their time and effort in making the event possible. All told, 73 JET allumi were in attendance, with many staying up late for the nijikai at the Southlake Grill.

This year saw a large transition in leadership. The long-standing officers will still be active in JETAA, and are continuing to provide support and assistance to the new leadership team. The officers elected for 2009:

President: Adora Lanphere
Vice-President: Sandra Sakai
Treasurer: Anna Amen
Secretary: Casey Mochel
Social Co-Chairwomen: Cheryl Hou and Megan Bernard
Web, Media, and Newsletter Coordinator: Benjamin Erickson

All of the officers are committed to carrying on and improving the outstanding activities and benefits of JETAA membership. If you are interested in seeing where PNWJETAA is headed, come to the monthly meetings! The next meeting will be this coming Monday, April 6th at the Panama Hotel teahouse, beginning at 6:00 PM. We’d love to see you there and get your input on your JETAA!

Check out our updated event calendar for 2009. We hope to see you again soon. Please check the website frequently for pictures from the Shinnenkai, new updates and information in the coming weeks!

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