2 thoughts on “2009 ACRS Walk For Rice

  1. I read that ACRS is facing some really severe budget cuts from the Washington State government. It will be really important that we get a big group together to do our part in helping raise some money for a great cause!!!!

  2. (from Seattle P-I blog, April 2 2009)

    Cuts will unfairly affect Asian Americans, advocates say

    Community advocates say the proposed budget cuts to health and social services will have a disproportionate effect on Asian American and Pacific Islander refugees and immigrants.

    In addition to cuts to the state’s Basic Health plan and the General Assistance Unmployable program, the House and Senate have proposed a 9 percent reduction to non-Medicaid mental-health programs.

    Advocates say that would have a huge impact on Seattle’s Asian Counseling and Referral Service, which helps more than 22,000 people a year. They also say that a $3 million proposed cut from the state’s Limited English Proficiency Pathway program

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