2009 PNWJETAA Summer Picnic

Summer, summer, summer, summer, heaaaaat, heaaaat.

It’s almost August and this year August brings with it the annual Summer Picnic, Tanabata-style! This year, we have a bevy of activities, including a Tanabata play which will retell the story of Orihime (the Weaver) and Hikoboshi (the Cowherd) with… puppets! We’ll also have games and several pieces of bamboo to tie wishes to for those who have a exams/haiku-yearnings/everything-in-between!.

Please bring family and friends – this is a great time to mingle, eat, and enjoy tanabata!

This will be semi-potluck-style; we’ll be providing barbequed items (such as hamburgers and hot dogs) – we’d like if you could bring a dish as well. Besides being awesomeer than Harry Potter on a pogo stick, you could win a prize. For each dish, you’ll receive a raffle ticket for sweet , sweet prizes provided by JETAA! If that isn’t an incentive, what else could be? (besides Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince London premiere tickets, but we digress)

When: August 8th, Saturday from 1 pm to “when it ends, it ends”

Mercer Island Luther Burbank Park – Area C, South Parking Lot
8236 SE 24th St
Mercer Island, WA 98040-2235
(206) 236-3545

Please RSVP by August 3rd (Monday) so that we can have a rough idea of how much meat to buy!

The park is a bit large – we’ll be meeting in Area C (here’s a PDF map) which is located near the South Parking Lot . It’s a few hundred yards, but we’ll have people in the parking lot to point you in the right direction!

Hope to see you there!

Your Social Coordinators,

Cheryl and Megan


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