Hyogo Prefecture Vice-Governor Visits Seattle, Meets PNWJETAA

On Monday, August 18th, representatives of the Pacific Northwest JET Alumni Association were honored to meet with Hyogo Prefecture Vice Governor Ioroi, and other representatives of the Hyogo Prefectural Government. PNWJETAA would like to extend our thanks to the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center, for organizing this event.

Standing, Right to Left: Nagano-san (Hyogo-ken), Lynn Miyauchi (PNWJETAA), Adora Lanphere (PNWJETAA), Casey Mochel, Ginn Kitaoka (HBCC), John Charlton (HBCC, PNWJETAA), Megan Bernard (PNWJETAA)

Seated, Right to Left: Koko Peters(Former Hyogo-CIR), Governor Ioroi (Hyogo-ken), Sandra Sakai (PNWJETAA), Taki-san (Hyogo-Ken)

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