Summer Picnic Update!

We’ve gotten an amazing response to the Summer Picnic – we’re knocking on wood so that it won’t rain this Saturday! We’ve also received a couple emails asking whether it was too late to RSVP, so we’ve decided to extend the RSVP date.

Please RSVP by Wednesday! We’ll be getting supplies on Thursday, so as long as you get in your RSVP before then, it should be fine.

Also, we realized that the Social Coordinators email wasn’t even included in the original invite. D’oh! (When we use ‘we’, it really means ‘Cheryl’ who dropped the ball)

So here it is: Please RSVP if you haven’t yet! And see you at the park on Saturday!

(We use a lot of exclamation marks, see.)

Your Social Coordinators,

Cheryl and Megan

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