Event – “Future’s Past: The Black Ships” Art Exhibition

PNWJETAA has been given the exciting chance to attend a private viewing of Future’s Past: The Black Ships, presented by the ArtXchange Gallery. The gallery has generously offered to host PNWJETAA for a lovely evening with wine and appetizers.

This is a great opportunity to support a local artist, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, as well as PNWJETAA!

(Disclaimer: the description below is written by the gallery, not by PNWJETAA staff)

The ArtXchange Gallery is featuring an exhibition that explores the connections between ancient and contemporary Japanese art. Local artist Jonathan Wakuda Fischer will unveil Future’s Past: The Black Ships, an exhibition of paintings that visually explore the moment in 1853 when Commodore Perry arrived on the shores of Japan with four American warships, and the 100 year period of cultural upheaval following that day. Using urban graffiti techniques such as spraypaint and stencils, Wakuda Fischer blends the aesthetics of the ancient art of ukiyo-e woodblock printing with futuristc elements reminiscent of science fiction and anime.

Jonathan Wakuda Fischer presents this work as a contemporary response to the Seattle Asian Art Museum exhibit, Fleeting Beauty: Japanese Woodblock Prints. Between these two exhibitions, May and June are the perfect time to celebrate and learn more about the art of ukiyo-e and how contemporary Japanese artists are still affected by this ancient art.

When: June 24th, Thursday Evening, 6 – 8 PM

ArtXchange Gallery

512 First Avenue South
Seattle WA 98116

Cost: $5/Person

The exhibition will include a meeting with local artist, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, and includes wine and hor d’oeuvres

If you’re interested in this unique and awesomely epic opportunity, please RSVP to social@pnwjetaa.org by June 23rd (Wednesday). Feel free to bring friends and others who are interested in Japanese art and history! We’re very excited about this event, so spread the word far and wide!

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  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful. The mixed media in combination with the bountiful sociocultural changes in that time period–I can only imagine how powerful the pieces must be. I’ll try my best to be there!

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