RSVP – July Happy Hour

I know, I know, you guys are drowning in all the RSVP posts – I’m kind of drowning myself! But SO MANY EVENTS! Isn’t that awesome???

Wann Izakaya happy hour is upon us again and guess what? It’s the last happy hour the new JETs will be able to attend before they JET off (heh heh heh heh) off to a new life in Japan! Come celebrate and show them a good time (so they’ll miss us and join up when they come back)!

When: July 2 (Friday), 6pm – 8pm

Wann Izakaya
2020 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5637


Hope we see you there! (And the sun! We hope we see the sun as well!)

Please RSVP to by July 1st (Thursday).

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