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It’s blue skies, a bit of heat here and there, a few rays of sunshine (we’re doing pretty good this year!) and that means it’s Summer Picnic, one of the best events (in my oh-so-humble opinion) of the year. We had an amazing turnout in 2009 and considering the pretty fabulous weather we’re having so far, we think 2010 will be even better!

Last year, we had a puppet (or is that plushie?) show; this year, it’s all about undoukai-style events! All events will be optional and kid-friendly, so everyone can participate! We’ve got some traditional Japanese events (oh, do we ever) and a few classics games with new twists; it’s going to be pretty wild ~

As like last year, we’ll have tanabata bamboo available for those who want to make wishes!

This will be semi-potluck!style; we’ll be providing barbecued items (such as hamburgers and hot dogs) – we’d like if you could bring a dish as well (look below for more info). Please bring family and friends; this is a great time to introduce them to PNWJETAA, mingle with new/old/really old friends, and of course, eat, eat, eat.


When: August 1st, Sunday from 11AM – 4PM


Carkeek Park (Shelter 2)
950 NW Carkeek Park Rd
Seattle WA

Cost: The cost is FOOD. It’s potluck style again and your entry ticket to our fabulous summer picnic will be a main dish of sorts! We’ll be providing hamburgers (carnivore and herbivore!), drinks, condiments, and snacks (chips and dip).

What constitutes as a ‘main dish’? Well, last year we had fried rice, lentil salad, rice krispie treats, shaved ice, BBQ chicken wings, potato salad, ambrosia, cut fruits, veggie dip, chocolate peanut butter cookies, sushi, and about fifteen more things I can’t remember; either way, it was a ton of food that was basically inhaled. Bring your favorite dish, something you’re known for, a family recipe that doesn’t get a lot of air time – we’re looking forward to see what people bring this year!



Please RSVP to by July 30th (Friday) so that we can have a rough idea of how many supplies we’ll need.

Hope to see you there!

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