Upcoming Movies

Looks like there are some interesting Japanese movies showing in Seattle this week.  If you have some free time, check them out!

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Playing at the Grand Illusion Cinema

From July 30th – August 5th

Sold live in vending machines and department stores, plastic replicas included as prizes in the equivalent of a McDonald’s Happy Meal and the subject of the No. 1 videogame, MushiKing, from the smallest backyard to the top of Mt. Fuji, insects inspire an enthusiasm in Japan seen nowhere else in this world. Working backwards through history, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo explores the mystery of the development of Japan’s love affair with bugs. Using insects like an anthropologist’s tool kit, the film uncovers Japanese philosophies that will shift Westerner’s perspectives on nature, beauty, life and even the seemingly mundane realities of their day-to-day routines.


Playing at the Northwest Film Forum

From August 6th – August 8th

Get ready to have your mind blown! This exceptionally wild and funny horror-fantasy is like nothing you’ve ever seen before—we guarantee it. A teenage girl brings six of her classmates along for a summer vacation at her grandmother’s country estate. What the girls don’t know is that grandma is a ghost and her house is haunted. They start to catch on when an evil housecat convinces a piano to eat one of the girls…and then it starts getting weird! Hausu is a truly absurd and thrilling rediscovery.

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