RSVP – November Happy Hour

Another month, another happy hour, another chance for us to throw each other across the room.

Eh? We never did that? LIES.

Reminder: please remember to place your order with both the waiter/waitress AND Social Coordinators, Cheryl and Leela!

And this month’s happy hour will be pushed back ONE WEEK.

When: November 12, 6:30PM to ????

Wann Izakaya
2020 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5637

Why: To welcome new returnees (ah nostalgia!) and old-new returnees!

We’re excited to meet all the new people who haven’t yet shown up at HH yet, and also to old-new returnees who have moved to the area for the first time; cheek cheek hip hooray!

Please RSVP to by November 11th!

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