2010 Bounenkai – December 4th

It’s going to be Bounenkai again in only a few weeks!

(I know; we thought time should have stopped back in September when the weather was crisp, warm, and sunny.)

We have an amazing place this year for the festivities and we couldn’t be more excited about the freestyle karaoke afterwards; ready to hear us sing Total Eclipse of the Heart? No? Well, too bad. We’ll belting it out at the top of our voices! (okay, okay, we’ll temper it at a half-decibel)

Bush Gardens
614 Maynard Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104-2996
(206) 682-6830



When: December 4th, 2010. 6:30PM to 9PM

Cost: $15/person. If you pay via Eventbrite, there will be a small fee added on top of the $15 cost. If you choose to pay at the door, it will be a flat $15 dollars. Please be sure to select the PAY AT THE DOOR ticket. Otherwise, you will be charged the fee!

IMPORTANT: If you register, and do not email us by December 1st, payment will be required regardless of attendance.

Food: This will be buffet-style, but please indicate in your registration for Eventbrite if you have any dietary restrictions. We’ll have plenty of vegetarian options so never fear!

Drinks: Drinks are NOT included in the $15 fee.  There will be a no-host bar for those wanting drinks!


Afterwards, we’ll be sticking around the Bush Garden’s karaoke bar and singing our weirdly-shaped hearts out! Please stay and join us if you can; karaoke is free, but remember to tip the karaoke DJ!

Please register via our fancy-new Eventbrite system by December 1st. Registration will close at 4PM that day!

Register for 2010 Bounenkai in Seattle, WA  on Eventbrite

If you have questions or having difficulties registering, please email social@pnwjetaa.org.

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