Shinnenkai / Yearly Meeting Summary

PNWJETAA had its yearly meeting on February 5, and a sizable contingent of the JET and local Japanese community was there to take part. First were some get-to-know-everyone games that were enlivened by the presence of adorable children saying the darnedest things. Next was food and speeches. The sushi and sandwiches buffet was well attended (and so delicious), which gave everyone something to do during the speeches. Officer elections were then taken care of efficiently and nearly unanimously (there was one tiny voice of dissent who kept embarrassing her parents). Throughout the night JETAA volunteers raffled off the graciously and copiously donated prizes. It seemed like nearly everyone won but me. Afterward, it was off to karaoke with new friends for the nijikai. All in all, a great night. Hope to see you all at next year’s meeting!

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