Summer Picnic and Undokai

The time is nigh! Answer the call to Potluck, my fellow alumni and family! The great tradition of the fabled PNWJETAA has ever been told and we are now at that time. A time for food, a time for family, a time for friends, a time for… something something!

This is a potluck – the Association of Awesomeness will provide hamburgers and drinks, and all other sustenance will come from our allies in the great lands that surround the tiny island city of Mercer! What does this mean? Please grace us with culinary skills, loving dishes, or a deliriffic offering – please email with your dish of delicious potluck!

When: August 20th, 11am – 3pm

Where: Mercer Island Luther Burbank Park, Area B (yes, between Seattle and Eastside!). 2040 84th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island 

Why: O, eternal spring of unfettered beauty! Why not?

Please RSVP your attendance and potluck dish to by August 19th (Friday)

This will be the year of the 2nd Annual PNWJETAA Sports Day! Bring your Game Face of Eternal Youthful Spirit and your Sword of Unending Cheer and be awarded with prizes and glory!  Summer Picnic is the event to bring your family, friends of PNWJETAA, your dog, and even… oh, can I say it? Yes. Your hand-woven, hand-dyed, hand-sewn Robes of Invincibility!

BBQ! Potluck! Games!

We are here and we are loud and forsooth! This shall be the summer picnics to end all summer picnics and yes, the sun shall… rise… again!

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    1. The Steering Council requests that you bring with you the following Ryan.

      1) Your “A” Game (or nearest letter-grade equivalent
      2) A plan for “upping” said game.

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