Elections 2012

Want to get more involved with PNWJETAA? Join the steering council! It’s is a great way to stay involved with the Japan-related community, support future and returning JETs, meet new people, and develop your professional network. Also, we’re a pretty fun group to hang out with, in case you didn’t know!

Elections for the 2012-2013 term are on Saturday, February 4 at our Annual Meeting and Shinnenkai.

Our steering council is comprised of an executive board: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; and the following committees:  Social, Transitions (Career Day), Media Relations, Newsletter, Community Outreach, Membership, and Research & Development.

All members of the steering council attend monthly meetings, work together, and help out with larger events as needed. If you have any ideas for new committees, like outdoor activities or book clubs, please tell us!

Check out the position descriptions below the jump and submit a brief platform to president[atto]pnwjetaa.org by Friday, February 3. Ideally, you would introduce yourself at our Annual Meeting, so if you cannot attend, please let us know in advance.
If you have any questions, feel free to email us at officers@pnwjetaa.org.

Executive Officer Positions

Overall leadership and direction of PNWJETAA; plan and attend chapter meetings; represent the chapter at public events; all communications with National and International organizations; attend annual National Conference and regional conferences; represent PNWJETAA at public and private functions as needed.

Vice President
Support role for President and other chapter members in leadership; guidance and execution of events; remain current on chapter initiatives and projects; represent the chapter at public events; maintain membership database; facilitate President’s role when President is absent.

Treasurer (two-year commitment)
Plan and execute annual operating budget requests from both CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations) and MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); reconcile receipts from chapter activities; submit budget reports as required; represent the chapter at public events; attend annual National Conference and regional conferences. Must be meticulous and good with deadlines.

Attend and note chapter meetings; respond to report requests including annual Internal and National Chapter updates; work closely with Media Relations, Social Coordinator and Community Outreach to provide public relations support in chapter communications and web support; represent the chapter at public events; advocate proper archival of PNWJETAA information at all levels.

Committee Positions
We also have the following committees. These positions are great for multiple people to share and work on together, and a good way to get involved if you’re new to the area!

Social Committee
Facilitate and attend social activities throughout the year such as cultural events, networking happy hours or dinners, etc.; location scouting; mailing list communications; RSVP coordination, web content contribution. Great for locals who know the area, and transplants who want to explore their new cities! We’re especially interested if you’d like to support the North End, Eastside or South Sound.

Transitions (Career Day) Committee
Coordinate the overall planning and execution of our annual career day event in October including but not necessarily limited to: venue, guest speakers, menus, seating arrangements, panel participants, and job fair participants. If you have a strong desire to help returning JETs, join this team!

Media Relations Committee
Manage content on the PNWJETAA website and oversee all web-based communication with the membership and the community at large, act as the voice for PNWJETAA with media and external contacts, coordinate communications with Social Coordinator and Community Outreach Coordinators.

Community Outreach Committee
Coordinate overall planning and execution of two annual community projects for chapter, work with others to promote chapter; keep chapter informed of relevant community groups or events; develop relationships with local Japan-related community groups.

Membership Committee
In charge of membership drives, member outreach, retention strategies, new returnee welcome back events, and working with others to promote chapter. Also responsible for vetting membership requests for the website, Yahoo group, and other sites as necessary.

Newsletter Committee
Compile annual newsletter, coordinate newsletter production, actively contribute articles to both newsletter and web page, and solicit material from JETAA members, officers and current JET participants. Writers and editors wanted!

Research & Development Committee
Explore new projects, events or technology for JETAA. May also include researching and reaching out to local organizations for future collaborations. The sky’s the limit here.

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