RSVP – Nihongo Dake Brunch

The 日本語だけランチ, Nihongo Only Brunch, is fast approaching; there’s only one week left!

Hosted by the wonderful Asher Ramras, PNWJETAA members will be gathering to ring in the New Year, enjoy a tasty mid-day snack, flex our Japanese skills and possibly learn some new ones. Your contributions of fruit, desserts and beverages are encouraged and would be much appreciated.


When: Sunday, Jan. 15th from 11am-2pm

Where: Asher’s place!  (RSVP for details)

RSVP: email to attend.  Please include what food or drink item you would like to bring


Do take note that there will be alcohol served at this event and that anyone with dietary restrictions should state so in their RSVP to this event.

お楽しみに, looking forward to it!

One thought on “RSVP – Nihongo Dake Brunch

  1. おはようございます。


    Good morning everyone.

    Nihongodake Brunch has finally arrived.
    It’s snowing outside right now in my neck of the woods.
    I would like all attendees to exercise caution when they start to head out for the event.

    If the snow gets a little too crazy to handle the hills, feel free to park at the top (42nd and 88th) or the bottom (42nd and 92nd) of my hill and walk to my house. It’s really pretty anyway; you’ll thank me.

    Please call me if you have any questions.
    See you all later.

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