Summer Picnic 2012

It’s time for PNWJETAA’s annual celebration of the approximately 17 days of good weather we receive per year. PNWJETAA members and friends are welcome to attend this picnic/potluck happy times bonanza called Summer Picnic, conveniently located between the West (best) and East sides in lovely, affluent Mercer Island. RSVP to let me know what tasty, tasty treats you are planning to bring by emailing me at social(at)pnwjetaa(dot)org. After the bbq pit chow and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, we will likely do something sportsy (frisbee? undokai-esque games? kickball?) and kick back while watching my pasty skin turn ever darker shades of red. Your dogs and babies are welcome to come, too!

When: August 18, 11am-3pm

Where: Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island: Picnic Area B (sweet map)


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