Farewell New JETs “Miokuri” Event (This Saturday 07/26 @ 9:50 AM)

Hello Folks!

Carlo here! Just wanting to let you in on a sweet little thing we do here in Seattle that I am told is unique to our JETAA chapter. We have a sweet little tradition of seeing off the new JETs at the airport before they depart for Tokyo. We are there to cheer on the whole group, calm the nervous folks, help ‘em out with luggage issues need be, give them back their “future-self promise letters,” and just support them as they head out on this massive journey. This is a great event to reflect on our own experiences and one that helps keep the old guard and new guard links strong. I have just found out time details, so come on out from 9:50 AM (to a little later) SeaTac Airport this Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing you there, and I am sure the new folk will appreciate it. I am probably taking public transit, but if anyone with a car wants to carpool, let me know so I can arrange everything with anybody who tells me they are coming with a couple days of warning. Also, we might head out to get lunch together after the event, so if you have a favorite place in the area, shoot me a message.

Thanks you good Sempai you!

-Carlo “the kohai social coordinator”

P.S. I will post more details here as/if they arise, so check back here for a glance. You can contact me at the “social” email address if you have questions or want to RSVP.