Iron Chef Portland Field Trip

Hello again folks!
Another message from your kohai social coordinator, Carlo. Good old Portland JETAA has invited us to participate in their annual cooking competition. They have details of it here. It will be held on Sunday (08/17) from 2PM to 5PM. Portland has graciously offered us the nostalgic “Tatami Timeshare” program we all know and love from our days on JET. They will put us up in their places for the night of the 16th. Of course, this gives us a great opportunity to kick it with them that Saturday evening in the awesomeness that is Portland. There is a limit to how many of us they can accommodate, so RSVP as soon as humanly possible. Also, I was going to probably bus down, but if anyone with a car wants to carpool they should email me so I can help with arrangements. They Portland crew came up a few months ago and they are a great crowd, so even if you are not the best cook, this should be mecha kucha tanoshii zo! 
Peace Y’all,
P.S. Check here for updates.