Nihongo Dake: When Phoenix meets Crane (08/09 @ 1:30 PM)

Hello Folks,
Carlo here again! Another Nihongo Dake is planned for the second Saturday of the month (as is now custom), which just so happens to be this upcoming Saturday (08/09). This time from 1:30 PM to around 3:00 PM we will be holding Nihongo Dake at the Peace Park in the U district next to the Sadako statue; the park is on the smaller side, so we shouldn’t be hard to spot. With this being the week of the Hiroshima anniversary, the timing just seems right to hold this event at the Peace Park. Feel free to not only bring picnic food, blankets, etc., but maybe origami paper for cranes. I can’t wait to see you all there.
Truly peace to you all!
P.S. Check the event page for details and potential updates.