September Nomikai: Old Guard meet the New Guard (September 5 @ 7:00 pm)

Hello Folks!

Carlo here. It’s that time! New JET alumni should be making it back to the Seattle area, so let’s all come out and get acquainted. If you are a new JET alumni fresh from Japan or just new to the Seattle area you should come to our monthly nomikai. We usually have one the first Friday of the month. Longer standing alumni, be sure to not only represent by coming yourselves, but
if you know any new folk you should encourage them to come. We will be at the Kushi Bar from around 7:00PM till around 8:30PM, which is later than normal so people have time to make it after work. To help us out logistically, please RSVP if you can. If you have any questions or comments shoot me an email with the event name as the title to Thanks and I can’t wait to see ya there! Click here for details.
Peace Y’all!
-Carlo “The Kohai Social Coordinator”