***UPDATE*** PNWJETAA Annual Summer Picnic @ 8/23 (Sat.) 11:00 AM

Hello Folks,

This is just an update on the Annual Summer Picnic which is just a hair less than 2 weeks away. We updated the time to 11:00 in the AM until 3:30ish in the PM. This will be a great event for all ages, so JET Alumni with kids are not to feel left out. In fact, I will try and bring some origami supplies for the youngins. And don’t forget that as this is in the Luther Burbank Park (Area B) of Mercer, so we will be close to the beach (and if memory serves me correctly a little play area). As far as other activities are concerned, I am in the process of trying to get another fantastic undoukai underway. I am also planning on bringing a volleyball (and might be able to secure a net to make it legit). We will be doing this picnic potluck style, and there are two grills available for use. So we don’t end up with 20 bags of chips and nothing else, please send me what dishes you plan on bringing and I will post them up; others should check that list so they can know what might be over or underrepresented. Anyway, I will keep the updates coming. And I can’t wait to see you all (new and old faces alike)!!!

Peace Y’all,

-Carlo “The Kohai Social Coordinator”


P.S. Check the event page for more details.