Let’s Nomikai to bring in October! (Friday, 10/03)

Hello Folks!
Carlo here. Just wanted to get you up to date on the next nomikai (i.e. drinking party). As you may know, we have them usually the first Friday evening of the month, and October will be no different. Come out and meet your fellow JET alumni, and trade old battle stories (or newer ones like how awesome this year’s national conference was – a big shout out to Cheryl, btw.). So come and kick it October 3rd at 7:30 PM. Since Kushi Bar has been treating us so well, we will be having it there once more; but should you have any suggestions shoot an email to social@pnwjetaa.org (or you can personally accost me (._.)). Check here for more details.
Kanpai! ^_^o自自o^_^
-Carlo “Kohai Social Coordinator”
P.S. As for alternate places, it has been suggested that the Eastside might have a cool place or two to host a nomikai. I would like to take an informal poll and see who would go to the Eastside for a nomikai should we host one there, say, in November. Please email me at social@pnwjetaa.org with the subject line of “Eastside Nomikai.” If I get enough positive feedback, we may very well have an Eastside drink or two.