Volunteer for 2014 JETAAUSA National Conference

Logo_highresDear PNWJETAA Members,

PNWJETAA will be hosting (for the third time!) the annual JETAAUSA National Conference from 9/19 – 9/21. We’re excited to be the first Chapter to host three times in National Conference history, and we have an exciting slate of presentations and speakers!

Some of you are new returners to the Seattle area; this is an excellent first chance to get involved with the Pacific Northwest chapter of JETAAUSA, and to see our Steering Council and Executive Officers in action! And most of you are alumni who have been attending our regular Happy Hours, networking sessions, and other events (summer picnic!) throughout the year – ever wonder how YOU could make PNWJETAA even better?

(And even if you haven’t, volunteer anyways. =))
We’re looking for volunteers who will be able to assist on the following days:

Thursday (9/18):  3PM – 6PM (Registration)
Friday (9/19): 9AM – 6PM (Multiple Duties and )
Saturday (9/20): 9AM – 6PM (Multiple Duties)
Sunday (9/21): 9AM – Noon (Multiple Duties
*Multiple Duties Include: Note taking, guest registration, time keeping, concierge, tech assistance,  and so on.

If you’d like to volunteer, please email nat-con@pnwjetaa.org with your details! We have plenty of hours and plenty of roles to fill!

(also, this will get you free cupcakes and delicious coffee!)