Let’s (Again) Being Professional @ Panama Cafe (2 PM, 11/15)


Hello Minnasan! 
Carlo here. Earlier in March we had a nice little resume-building event. We would like to hold it again now that we have new folk in town, who may in fact be on the job hunt. So, if you are interested in working on your resume, cover letter, or other professional documentation, please join us at Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House this November 15th (Saturday) at 2:00PM.
This will be an informal event, but we hope together we can motivate each other to be the pros on paper we know we are in person. If you plan on attending or have any input, feel free to get in contact with us. Looking forward to seeing you! Snazzy three piece suits or hakama/monsuke are completely optional…Peace! Y’all

-Carlo “The Kohai Social Coordinator”

P.S. Check here for details.