Nihongo Dake: Japanese Conversation Reborn Phoenix Style @ Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House on Thursday (01/29/15) from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Hello folks!

Back from Japan and worried you’re forgetting the Japanese you studied so hard to learn? Don’t flip out. Come to Nihongo Dake instead. We will be meeting at Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House in Japantown of the International District. This venue has a big ‘ol table, some comfy seats, and an atmosphere you can actually hear yourself conversate in. So come on out for some sweet conversation no matter your Japanese ability. The event page has the details.
Peace Y’all,
-Carlo “Talking Phoenix Aficionado” 
***NOTE*** Be sure to check the events page ( and Twitter (@PNWJETAA) for any schedule changes or cancellations. Remaining 2015 meeting times are as follows: 2/14, 2/26, 3/14, 3/26, 4/11, 4/30, 5/09, 5/28, 6/13, 6/25, 7/11, 7/30, 8/08, 8/27, 9/12, 9/24, 10/10, 10/29, 11/14, 11/26, 12/12. Questions? Email us at
***ABOUT N.D.*** Nihongo Dake is an informal Japanese conversation group open to all (i.e. alumni, the general community, native Japanese speakers, non-native speakers, etc.). The group generally meets the 2nd Saturday and final Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.