[Event] New JET Meet & Greet!

It’s June, it’s sunny, and in about a month and a half, we have several hundred new JETs departing the USA for Japan and the JET Program!

Some of you are involved, some of you know who’s been accepted, and all of you have probably heard the rumblings and excited shrieks on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and all those other social media thingys you young’uns do. (#whats a hashtag)

JETs departing from the Seattle area will have the chance to participate in a two-day training, run by PNWJETAA Board, and sponsored by CLAIR. We’re very excited to send off the new crop of 2015 JETs to Japan in the middle of a hot, humid summer and I bet it’s that time of the year again with the multiple feelings of natsukashii.

Interested in meeting the new JETs and sharing your experiences with them and their families?

Come join us for the 2015 New JET Meet & Greet!

Formerly known as the Pizza JETogether, this is one of our most important events for new JETs! This is a chance for alumni (all you awesome folk) and new JETs to mingle and chat, ask questions and get some answers (ooh, the keitai question again!) about life, work, and all the miscellaneous inbetween as a JET in Japan.

This year, we’ve also invited the families of new JETs, to give them an opportunity to see what future JET alumni are like. =) Come on out, show our awesomeness and sheer variety of vocations and lives, and enjoy a delicious catered lunch!

  • Cost: $10/per person (catered buffet-style lunch, non-alcoholic drinks, and a thank you gift for alumni!)
  • When: June 28th (Sunday) @ 12:30PM
  • Where: Dojo Room, Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW), 1414 S. Weller Street, Seattle
  • RSVP required. It will be first come, first serve; space is limited due to the location and the increased number of the new JETs for 2015!
  • Please RSVP to nat-con@pnwjetaa.org – please RSVP by June 24th (Wednesday)

We’re excited to see alumni and new JETs meet up and discuss everything from shopping options, to teaching methods, and even traveling tales of Japan and beyond. Feel free to bring pictures, favorite souvenirs, or dress up in your yukata or kimono; we want to show them what Japan was like for us and is like for us now!

頑張って New JETs 2015!