[Event] Iron Chef Cook-Off – Seattle Edition!

Displaying IronChefBanner.pngEvery year, JETAA Portland​ hosts their annual Portland Iron Chef Cooking competition and PNWJETAA has attended the last three years; it’s always been a WOKing good time!

You could say we’re… BUTTER off from attending.

This year, Portland has graciously allowed PNWJETAA to guest-host the 2015 Iron Chef Cook Off: Seattle Edition! We’ll be taking a Very Secret Ingredient (will be revealed in the coming week!) and offering it to those cooks interested in entering a dish for one of three categories – Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert. We will provide the main ingredient for chefs, and dishes will be judged on originality, taste, and appearance, with prizes for the top two in each category!

And per ancient tradition, a cook will be offered up from both Portland and Seattle and create a dish for… THE BATTLE WITH SEATTLE.

Last but not least, for those not interested in the competition part of the Iron Chef, never fear!

Iron Chef is also a chance to meet other JETs and members of the Japanese and Japanese-American communities, professional chefs and cooks, and just awesome people! Join our Iron Chef Potluck as we nosh and relax and watch the cooking magic happen in the amazing kitchen of the Nisei Veteren’s Memorial Hall! Bring a dish to share with the group, and enjoy drinks, meeting, networking, and delicious, delicious food!

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Date: November 14th, 2015 (Saturday)

Time: 3PM – 6PM

Location; Nisei Veteran’s Memorial Hall – 1212 S. King Street, Seattle 

If you’re interested in participating as a cook, please contact Cheryl Hou at cheryl.hou@jetaausa.com so that we can bring the proper amount of the Very Secret Ingredient

Allez Cuisine!