PNWJETAA September – Round 1 Karaoke & Bowling


While we normally have September Happy Hour, we’re changing it up this month for a September FUN HOUR! (is that corny, it’s corny isn’t it).

Join PNWJETAA at Round One in Tukwila (25 minutes south of Seattle and Bellevue at the Westfield Shopping Center) for two hours of karaoke, bowling, and many of the newest arcade games from Japan! BONUS – it’s next door to 85Degree; get your awesome Taiwanese bread fix! This is a super family friendly event and we encourage alumni to bring friends and family!

Due to the nature of the event, please either RSVP to our Facebook Event Page or email

Where: Round One Bowling and Amusement Entertainment Center
2351 Southcenter Mall
Tukwila WA 98188
Tel: 206-243-2787

When: September 16th (Saturday), 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

What: PNWJETAA will have one bowling lane and one massive karaoke room reserved for a two-hour block (will adjust upwards if more people sign up).

Cost: Cost is $10 per person and includes BOTH bowling and karaoke! Bowling will allow a max of eight people per game, and people will be able to cycle in and out via a signup list at the beginning! We’ll either be able to accept cash or payment via Square (fee will apply).

Important Awesome Fun Information! Parking is free at the center! If you have any issues with transportation, please PM Cheryl at cheryl (at) pnwjetaa (dot) org and we’ll figure something out!

Round One has a ton of arcade games and UFO machines; location staff will have game cards and single-pay tickets available for those interested! (UFO MACHINES WHOOHOO GONNA WIN ME A GUNDAM)

Post-Arcade Fun: We’ll be going to Kizuki Ramen after for those interested! We have a basic reservation down and will adjust as needed when we get there

Please let us know if you’re attending so that we can secure extra space if necessary! See y’all singing your hearts out in the karaoke room on 9/16!