2018 Election Results

Please welcome your new steering council!!


The wonderful and lovely Adam Ledyard will be president! Thank you for your hard work as treasurer, and congratulations on your new position!

The wonderful and lovely Michelle Kato will be vice president! You came to the rescue when we needed a new place to meet, and you’ve helped out immeasurably already! We’re excited to have you on board!

The wonderful and lovely Samantha Corpuz will be secretary! It’s the psychic backbone of our chapter, and it’s great to have new people on (the) board! I think I just sent a friend request to a random child with your name!

The wonderful and lovely Zack WIlliams will be treasurer! It’s the fiscal backbone of our chapter, and we’re lucky to have somebody take the position that can combine responsibility with his laid-back, like-able charm!

The wonderful and lovely Jessica Record will be managing Transitions, our career and networking event! It’s logistically our biggest event of the year for, but Jessica’s got what it takes — in spades!

The wonderful and lovely Miranda Barril will be working on a newsletter! It’s a whole new project that takes a lot of discipline and vision to see through! Another newcomer for our chapter, too! Yesss!


Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll take a nice big group picture soon!