2018 New JET Send-Off! ✈️🎌

Auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

It’s nearly time to for the next generation of JET Participants to take off from the Pacific Northwest! Come join your fellow alumni in sending off the 2018 JETs in style! 😎

** Meet-up Details **

Location: Seatac Int’l Airport, near the Delta Airlines check-in counters (look for the PNWJETAA sign!)
Date/time: July 28th (Sat), 08:30 to approx. 11:00


Come when you can and stay for however long you are able! We’ll be handing out some swag to the newbies, but feel free to also bring tissues, hugs, advice, snacks, and well-wishes!

We will be heading to Southcenter Mall afterwards for brunch at Din Tai Fung (approx. 11:00 onward). If you can’t make it to the send-off at the airport, stop by for some xiaolongbao and say hi! 😊