PNW JETAA 2018 Annual Meeting + 新年会

Celebrating the Year of the Dog!

2018 Annual Meeting and Shinnenkai


Welcome to 2018 and how excited we are for it!

We’ve got a lot planned for the new year, and our Annual Meeting/Shinnenkai will be the place and time to find out all the upcoming events.

Join us to start off the new year with your fellow JET Alum. Our Annual Meeting will be full of news of our events of the past year, upcoming planned events of 2018, entertainment, a kid’s corner, and of course, raffle prizes! It’s also when we’ll announce our new officers (did you vote yet?!) and talk about our plans for the coming year.

Our Annual Meeting is open to all ages, and family-friendly! This is the time of year to come out of the woodwork and bring out everyone from babies to great-grandmothers, and reconnect with old friends and new.  It’s time to see new faces and new returnees, but it’s also a great time to catch up with your friends in JET that you haven’t seen in a while. Family members and children are welcome!

Saturday, February 17 at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Japanese Cultural & Community Center of WA ワ州日本文化会館

1414 S Weller St, Seattle, Washington 98144


Special Pre-event prices:
– $15 for adult admission
– $20 for admission and two drink tickets.
– Children 12 and under are free with supervising adult!

NOTE: Tickets are Will-Call only so all you need to do is show up and give the name you bought the tickets under!

ALSO! Tickets will be $20 for general admission and $25 for the drink ticket admission IF you buy the tickets the day of, so get your tickets before the event!

After the Annual Meeting/Shinnenkai, all attendees over twenty-one are invited to attend our nijikai!

The nijikai costs and information will be a separate brownpaperticket, and is not included in Shinnenkai. Keep your eyes out on the mailing list, Facebook, and website for more information later in the month!

Nomikai + Networking at TanakaSan

Who: PNW JET alumni and friends 

When: Thursday, 2/1 at 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: TanakaSan – 2121 6th Ave, Seattle (Via 6)

Questions? Please email Sophie (

Join us for a fresh edition of Nomikai + Networking at TanakaSan. At this month’s event, we will be joined by a representative of Japan-America Society of Washington (JASSW), so come and take advantage of this opportunity to grow your network while sipping a sake slushy!

This event will follow our monthly council meeting at Westlake Tower, so please feel free to join the meeting for insight on our chapter’s upcoming happenings. We will head down the street to TanakaSan at 7pm!

TanakaSan’s booze menu is broadly Asian, with several varieties of the Japanese spirit shochu and its Korean variant soju, Asian lagers and Japanese whiskies, cocktails mixed with Eastern flavors like five-spice and ginger and green-tea ice cubes, and chuhai: the fruity, fizzy Japanese cocktails that TanakaSan brings to the table in the form of playful mix-it-yourself kits with cold-pressed juices. 

Non-alcoholic options include fresh fruit and vegetable juice combos, smoothies, coffees (including long-steeped cold brew and slow-dripped Kyoto coffees), mocktails, and a full slate of Remedy teas.




Council Positions

The PNWJETAA is looking for a few volunteers to help us in 2018! If you think you might be interested in getting involved this year, or if you know somebody who would be, please get in touch! It’s not too big of a commitment, we get to have a lot of fun, and you’re guaranteed to make some good friends.
Below are all the details on our council positions: All nominations must be submitted by January 31, 2018. One position per candidate. Elections for the open positions will be in February 2018 based on the nominations submitted. If you aren’t sure which position best for you, just get in touch and we can work something out.
  • Be a JET Program Alumni (Join!)
  • Be a registered member of a U.S JETAA chapter
  • Be in good standing with current member chapter
* – Eligibility restrictions may apply
EXECUTIVE OFFICERS – Full descriptions on the nomination form
1. President*
  • Be a current or past duly-elected or non-elected officer of a local chapter who has served at least one complete term at the local chapter level
  • Have attended at least one National Conference as a conference delegate
2. Vice-President
3. Treasurer (two-year commitment)
  • Be a current or past duly-elected or non-elected officer of a local chapter who has served at least one complete term at the local chapter level
  • Have attended at least one National Conference as a conference delegate
4. Secretary
STEERING COUNCIL COORDINATORS – Full descriptions on the nomination form

1. Social Coordinator

2. Community Outreach 

3. Newsletter Coordinator

4. Research & Development Coordinator

5. Media / Website Coordinator

6. Other (make a recommendation for a new position!)

PNWJETAA 2017 Bonenkai + Welcome Back JETs!

Please RSVP to and confirm your attendance! If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know!


Please join PNWJETAA in bidding farewell to 2017! This year has been a rollercoaster of events, including the 30th Anniversary JET Program celebrations from the Consulate, PNWJETAA, and JETAA USA. We’ll be closing down this year down with some delicious food, drinks, games, and raffles!

We’ll also be welcoming those freshly back from Japan (ooh, new alumni!!), and the many who are fresh here from other states and Chapters! Meet old and new friends, and celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of another!

Location: RED LANTERN (Seattle, WA)

Cost: $20 Per Person (includes foods, two beverages of choice (including beer and wine), raffle entries for our awesome bodacious raffles, door gifts, and a trivia game to (not) end all trivia games!)

Afterwards, join us for some raucous karaoke at Venus Karaoke (event details to follow at Bon Enkai)!

Washi & Washoku 2017

Learn how to make paper the traditional Japanese way!  Of course there are snacks as well!

Learn more: PNWJETAA Japanese Culture Event


It’s Back: TRANSITIONS 2017 – Oct. 21st!

Want to network with people who share an interest in Japan!?

Need to brush up your resumé or explore new career options?

Ever thought about studying in Japan?

Get your tickets for PNWJETAA’s career exploration event of the year: 


Saturday, October 21st, 9 – 4:30 PM

Ness Academic Center, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA

Great Speakers, Interesting Panels, Photo Booth, Resume Reviews and more!

Visit the Transitions site for full details!

PNWJETAA September – Round 1 Karaoke & Bowling

While we normally have September Happy Hour, we’re changing it up this month for a September FUN HOUR! (is that corny, it’s corny isn’t it).

Join PNWJETAA at Round One in Tukwila (25 minutes south of Seattle and Bellevue at the Westfield Shopping Center) for two hours of karaoke, bowling, and many of the newest arcade games from Japan! BONUS – it’s next door to 85Degree; get your awesome Taiwanese bread fix! This is a super family friendly event and we encourage alumni to bring friends and family!

Due to the nature of the event, please either RSVP to our Facebook Event Page or email

Where: Round One Bowling and Amusement Entertainment Center
2351 Southcenter Mall
Tukwila WA 98188
Tel: 206-243-2787

When: September 16th (Saturday), 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

What: PNWJETAA will have one bowling lane and one massive karaoke room reserved for a two-hour block (will adjust upwards if more people sign up).

Cost: Cost is $10 per person and includes BOTH bowling and karaoke! Bowling will allow a max of eight people per game, and people will be able to cycle in and out via a signup list at the beginning! We’ll either be able to accept cash or payment via Square (fee will apply).

Important Awesome Fun Information! Parking is free at the center! If you have any issues with transportation, please PM Cheryl at cheryl (at) pnwjetaa (dot) org and we’ll figure something out!

Round One has a ton of arcade games and UFO machines; location staff will have game cards and single-pay tickets available for those interested! (UFO MACHINES WHOOHOO GONNA WIN ME A GUNDAM)

Post-Arcade Fun: We’ll be going to Kizuki Ramen after for those interested! We have a basic reservation down and will adjust as needed when we get there

Please let us know if you’re attending so that we can secure extra space if necessary! See y’all singing your hearts out in the karaoke room on 9/16!