Professional Development Fund

For any approved event, you can either get a discount on the admission price or partially reimbursed for travel expenses.  Travel expenses can be public transit costs or the IRS travel reimbursement cost which can be found on their main IRS website

The reimbursement cannot exceed 10 dollars for a single event for one person.  This fund is also limited to 5 different events for one person within a calendar year.

Eligible recipients must be a JET Alumni and must be registered with the Pacific Northwest JET Alumni Association.

Approved events must be geared toward professional development, e.g. career fairs, professional networking events or workshops.

If an event is not listed below as eligible, a JETAA member can submit a request with details on the event showing that the focus of the event is professional development.

This is for non-PNWJETAA events, discounts for members are built into those events.

You’ll find the request form below.

Professional Development Fund Events

Event Name
Any JAS-NET Event
Any Japan-America Society Event

JETAA members can also donate to the fund! Since this fund is not covered by any of the funding received by the alumni association ( Grant in Aid, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Sasakawa Foundation grants), it is completely financed by other members of PNWJETAA.

Unfortunately, since the association is not a non-profit at this moment, the donations are probably not tax deductible.  If you want to donate, please let the treasurer know when providing the funds.

For more details please contact us at

Professional Development Fund – Form

Please fill out the form detailing the event you would like to request funding for. IMPORTANT: You must be currently registered with the PNWJETAA, live in Washington, Northern Idaho or Montana and have participated in the JET program to be eligible.

We distribute reimbursement via check so a physical address is required.