Thank you for your interest in the Pacific Northwest chapter of the JET Program Alumni Association (PNWJETAA), which serves Washington, Northern Idaho & Montana. If you were formerly employed by the Japanese government as a JET Program participant and currently reside in our jurisdiction, fill out the JET Alumni Association Membership Form below to officially register with our chapter. Please note that only former JET Program Participants are eligible for Full Membership in PNWJETAA, with full access to all services and activities provided by PNWJETAA.

If you are a former JET Program participant living outside of our jurisdiction, have taught English in Japan, are a Japanese national, are interested in US-Japan relations or Japan in general and wish to participate in or follow PNWJETAA events and activities, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest news from our chapter! Please note that although most of the activities organized by PNWJETAA are open to Friends of PNWJETAA, some of the services provided and activities/events may not be available to non-members.

Thanks for stopping by to update your information. If you have moved out of our region (Washington, Northern Idaho, and Montana), please email us at


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