PNW J-Link

What exactly is J-Link? As JET Program alumni, we all possess powerful stories and have taken interesting personal journeys during our time as JETs and in our lives after the JET Program. J-Link is the place to share, connect and inspire. Originally created to help promote the entrepreneurial ventures of our members, J-Link has expanded to invite any of our members, who wish to share their professional journeys and information about companies or groups they either own or wish to represent, by posting their profiles.

Profiles are hosted on our website and provide the opportunity for JET alumni to explore various industries, companies and organizations by contacting representatives, who have the “JET experience” in common and can answer questions and share information. J-Link also serves as a platform to promote and support our members, provide opportunities to network as well as show the public at large, the variety of paths our members take after completing the JET Program.

If you would like to be a J-Link Representative and have your profile listed, please complete the PNW J-Link Registration below. You can view our current PNWJETAA J-Link Directory here.

Each fall in conjunction with our PNWJETAA’s annual career event: Transitions: Opportunities Forum and Networking Expo, PNW J-Link members will have the option to include their profiles in the National J-Link Directory!

*Please keep in mind that any information you provide  will be included in your J-Link profile and will therefore be posted in the PNW J-Link Directory