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PNWJETAA September – Round 1 Karaoke & Bowling

  While we normally have September Happy Hour, we’re changing it up this month for a September FUN HOUR! (is that corny, it’s corny isn’t it). Join PNWJETAA at Round One in Tukwila (25 minutes south of Seattle and Bellevue at the Westfield Shopping Center) for two hours of karaoke, bowling, and many of the …

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RSVP – Karaoke Nijikai

Done with Shinnenkai and looking for something else?Something musically-inclined? Something POPping into your brain? Want to hoplike bunnies around a room with me? Interested in hearing people sing likezombies are coming around the corner? Want to hear some of us caterwaul? Look no further than Venus Karaoke, right across the streetfrom our Shinnenkai location of …

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2011 Bounenkai

2011 is wrapping up and that means…..it’s time for Bounenkai!   We’ll be hosted again this year by the wonderful Bush Garden in the International District.  Lots of good food and we’ll be putting together some pub quiz-style games for teams to battle it out!   AND we couldn’t be more excited about the freestyle karaoke …

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