2021 Virtual New JET Training Nijikai

Cheers to the next generation of JETs

Join us on the final day of New JET Training for the Nijikai: Experiences on JET AMA (“ask me anything”) on Zoom from 7PM PDT August 1 (Sunday)!

The 2020 and ’21 JETs have stuck it out through all the life-changing events of a pandemic, and PNWJETAA can’t wait to send them off to Japan later this year. While a departure date has yet to be announced, we hope alumni of all generations will join us in supporting them through this next big transition.

Some of you may remember the alumni mingling free-for-all that traditionally closed off the final day of New JET Training. We’ve modified the same activity for this year’s virtual training using breakout rooms. You and the new JETs will be able to move freely between breakout rooms (as long as you’ve downloaded the newest version of Zoom).

The main meeting room will be for socializing and a chance for new JETs to ask general questions about JET. Breakout rooms will be available for trainees to discuss specific or sensitive topics with those of you who are comfortable and experienced in these areas. Breakout room topics include:

  • Gender Issues & Sexuality
  • Medical & Health
  • Dietary Restrictions & Allergies
  • Professional development / post-JET opportunities
  • Bringing family on JET

※ Note: Participation in the breakout rooms is voluntary and NOT required to join the nijikai.


Registration closes July 31 at midnight. A Zoom link will be emailed to you on August 1.